Thursday, March 26, 2015



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  We have a good selection of high quality e-smoking devices available for your consideration.E-smoking is the hottest topic going right now with both sides pushing for domination.

  On the Pro side are the sellers and makers of e-smoke devices who feel that inhaling a water and glycol based nicotine vapor CANNOT POSSIBLY be as damaging and harmful as traditional tobacco smoking.
  On the Con side we have the govt and the drug and tobacco companies claiming e-smoke is unproven and possibly MORE harmful than tobacco.
  We KNOW the drug and tobacco companies are putting forth a BIASED opinion as the decision on whether to ban e-smoking will DIRECTLY affect their bottomline profits.And the govt is biased because they stand to lose BILLIONS in tobacco excise taxes if people switch to E-smoking in large numbers.
  By the same token, the same can be said of the makers and sellers of E-smoking devices as a ban would CERTAINLY adversely affect our business.

  So we leave it up to YOU our customers and fellow Americans, to decide for yourselves whether E-smoking is a viable alternative to tobacco, nicotine patches,pills or gums. 
  We all know that cigarettes cause cancer,emphysema, COPD and a host of other serious health problems.E-smoking offers an alternative to this with (in our opinion) lessened risks to your health and to those around you.We think e-smoke is hands down the greatest thing to happen to smokers since sliced bread.

  I can PERSONALLY attest to the fact that E-smoking in a room with persons with lung problems (emphysema and COPD to be precise)DOES NOT adversely affect the breathing of said persons with lung problems.My parents both are on breathing meds and apparatus for serious breathing problems.If I were to light a cigarette up, they would be gasping and wheezing within minutes.But I can smoke my e-pipe or E-cigar while sitting right next to them and it does not cause any visible problems or discomfort to them.

  We hope you find our website informative and useful and also hope that if you are a smoker or KNOW a smoker, you will give serious consideration to giving E-smoking a try.